Organized by:
 The International Orthopterists' Society
 China Agricultural University (CAU)
 Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences

 Co-organized by:
 Yunnan University
 Yunnan Provincial Society of
 Microbiology (YSM)
 Yunnan Provincial Society of
 Entomology (YSE)

Abstract submission

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Abstract submission has already closed, If you have abstract, please send to us by email.  
Guidelines for Abstract Submission
●   The abstract book will be published as a special issue of Metaleptea, the Orthopterists’ Society newsletter. It will include only those abstracts for which at least one of the authors has been registered to the 11th ICO. We cannot guarantee the inclusion of abstracts in the abstract book if they arrive later than the deadline.
●   Abstracts should be submitted on-line at the conference website before July 10, 2013.
●   The presenting author should indicate at the time of abstract submission if they would prefer to give their work as an oral or poster presentation.
●   The Program Committee will be responsible for determining the suitability of all abstracts. We encourage the participants to submit their contributions as soon as possible.

Abstract Submission Requirements
    Abstract Formatting Instructions
    Overall format requirements
●   Abstracts must be typed in English, and prepared in a standard form (such as MS Word).
●   Use a 10-point Arial font with single-line spacing.
●   Use the Symbol font for Greek and scientific symbols that do not display in Arial.
●   Abstracts related to presentations must contain the study aims, methods, results, and conclusions.
●   Abstracts may include a simple table or figure.
●   Abbreviations should be used only for common terms (for uncommon terms, the abbreviation should be given in brackets after the first full use of the word).
●   Abstracts must not exceed 1000 words, excluding title, authors and institutions.
●   References should be used sparingly.

    Abstract Title, Authors, and Institutions formatting
●   The abstract title must be in bold and in all lowercase except for the first letter of the first word and for proper nouns. Do not write in all uppercase. The author name(s) must follow on the next line directly below the title, without an extra line space.
●   The name of the presenting author must be bold. 
●   Author names must be written with surname before initials (no periods), and with commas separating names except the last name, which is to be preceded by "and". Example: Zhang, L, Zhang, J, Johnson, DL, and Criddle, N. 
●   Do not include titles or postnominals (degrees, positions, etc.). 
●   Institution affiliation(s) must follow on the next line directly below the authors, without an extra line space. 
●   The names of institutions must be in italics and in upper/lowercase (i.e., Title Case).  
●   Where there are multiple authors, and institutions, use superscript numerals as reference marks (1, 2, 3, etc.).  
●   Insert a blank line after the institutions and before the start of the abstract body.  
●   Left-align the title, authors, and institutes, and justify-align the body of the abstract.  
NOTE: Please follow these instructions exactly or your abstract may be returned to you to reformat correctly.