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 The International Orthopterists' Society
 China Agricultural University (CAU)
 Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences

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 Yunnan University
 Yunnan Provincial Society of
 Microbiology (YSM)
 Yunnan Provincial Society of
 Entomology (YSE)

Sir Boris Uvarov’s Award in Applied Acridology


General status
The award bears the name of the Father of Modern Acridology, the famous Russian-English orthopterist Boris Petrovich Uvarov (1888 – 1970). This award, sponsored by the Association for Applied Acridology International (AAAI), and administered by the Orthopterists’ Society, recognizes outstanding contributions which have a direct impact on both, the theory and practice of locust and/or grasshopper management.

The award consists of:

- An amount that varies depending upon the interest earned from the endowment;
- An inscribed plaque;
- A certificate.

The award will be presented at the 11th International Congress of Orthopterology, the next Orthopterists’ Society International Meeting; however, the award will not provide any financial support for the recipient to attend the meeting. A short bio of the award recipient will be published in the newsletter of the Society, Metaleptea.

Nomination Requirements
The award panel will consist of three Orthopterists’ Society members Nominations may be submitted by any person and/or organization. Membership in the Orthopterists’ Society is not required. Self-nominations are accepted. Previous recipients of this award are not eligible for future nominations. Any candidate nominated, but not selected, is eligible for re-nomination(s).

Nominations packages must include a CV of the nominee (10 size font, 5 pages maximum, including publications) and a letter of recommendation specifically stating the nominee’s:

- Significant contributions to the theory of locust and/or grasshopper management in the form of publications, research grants, student advising, and presentations at national and international scientific forums;
- Evidence of major impact into the practice of locust and/or grasshopper management at national or international level.

Electronic Submission Requirements
All nomination packages must be submitted electronically (paper nominations will not be accepted). Acceptable file formats include: DOC, RTF, and PDF.

Application/nomination packages must be received by the Executive Director of the Association for Applied Acridology International, Dr. Alexandre Latchininsky (, before May 1st, 2013, who will confirm receipt of nomination packages, and also notify nominators of any problems with nomination package files within a week after the deadline.

Evaluation procedures
Nominees/candidates will be judged by an award panel consisting of three Orthopterists’ Society members with international expertise in both theoretical and practical locust and/or grasshopper management plus 2 previous recipients of the award. The panel will be selected by the Executive Board of the Orthopterists’ Society.

The President of the Orthopterists’ Society will notify all candidates and their nominators, where applicable, with the results of their application approximately one month after the application/nomination submission deadline.